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[ # ] Pete Doherty using again?
November 6th, 2007 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss

(Warning this video is very NSFW and hard to watch)

The Sun posted this video of what looks like Pete Doherty using again this weekend. Although he claimed to be drug-free at the MTV European Awards, this cameraphone video tells a different story. A source told the paper.

“It’s not the first time he’s injected since he was supposed to have gone clean.

“He may have got clean through rehab, but as soon as the temptation is put in front of him, he cannot help himself. It’s so sad to see. He’s been given so many chances and so many fresh starts and he just throws them all away.

“It’s not fair on those who have tried to help. It makes a mockery of the legal system.

“Anyone else would have been sent to jail by now.”

Personally I thought he should have been put in jail after his kitten tested positive for drugs and then there were pictures of him giving another cat drugs. Sober or an addict he needs to be put away for those crimes. Hopefully the Judge will stop giving him chances already, because just like a cat his nine lives should be up by now.



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