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November 5th, 2007 under American Idol 7

Even though American Idol is over 2 months away, this week begins the Hollywood Audition phase. Nigel Lythgoe has told the NY Post he is making some changes to show for its 7th season.

Several changes are in the works, officials say, including:

* changing the format to let singers show other musical talents, such as guitar playing.

* many fewer "mentors," those established musical stars like Diana Ross and Tony Bennett, who appeared every week last season and took attention away from the contestants.

* and next summer, the annual "Idol" live tour may be combined with the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour – to create a show with both singing and dancing.

Hopefully with fewer mentors that means fewer bad theme nights, but I don't think we will get that lucky. I also don't like the merger of the SYTYCD and the American Idol tour. Maybe if the Judges who are narrowing the 160 contestants down to 24 do a better job picking more interesting and likable people the American Idol tour will sell again. Hint Hint Hint, last year sucked! 



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