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[ # ] The Royals is the King and Queen of Nighttime Soaps!
December 4th, 2016 under E!

The Royals are back tonight at 10p on E! and it is better than ever.
The season premiere picks up two weeks after the second season finale. Prince Liam is still dealing with the after effects of finding out that Ted Pryce killed his father King Simon, and having the fans be judge and jury on him. He is coping with it by joining a fight club and fighting people. One night/morning after a fight, he goes to a bar with the bartender has a past with him and his brother.
On that note, his brother Robert is alone on an island debating whether or not to be rescued. As we know Robert is alive, but when will he be reunited with his family? That we don’t know.
Then there is Princess Elanor (Alexandra Park), her and Jasper (Tom Austen) are still playing cat and mouse with their relationship. Will they finally make a go for it?
Meanwhile, she makes a new friend, the head of security’s little girl. It is a unique friendship, but it works for both of them.
What about Queen Helena? There is a movement for King Liam to become a real thing. She wants this to happen, now, so she is trying to get a DNA sample from King Cyrus and he doesn’t want to give it up. The man, who is dying from cancer, has locked himself in his room, and won’t come out. He eventually comes out and does an on-camera interview that tarnishes their names. Making Helena even more determined to get that DNA test to prove her twins are the late King Simon’s kids.
Talking about kids, she hasn’t practiced making any in a long time. Rachel (Victoria Ekanoye) offers to get her man, but a mix up leads to a very awkward moment.
And all of this leads up to results from the DNA test. Are the twins the rightful heirs to the throne? You will just have to watch this soapy Royal drama that makes wish more monarchies were as interesting as this one.



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