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[ # ] Val Kilmer stars in the trippiest music video!
October 25th, 2016 under Val Kilmer

I have seen some really trippy things in my life, but nothing as trippy as Val Kilmer mediating in Oneohtrix Point Never music video for their song Animals. The actor just sits on the bed in his own little world as we see flashes of him the front and from the behind at the same time for nearly 4 minutes.
I don’t know what is happening there, but I know I feel like I just smoked something I shouldn’t have and I don’t know whether to like it or not. It is just so bizarre, I can’t fathom what I just saw and how I should feel about it.
The one feeling I do have, is I love seeing him looking healthy again. Resuming his life after all of those awful tabloid rumors.
Do you think this is the from the mind of a Real Genius or do you want to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang it away?



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