Seriously? OMG! WTF?How many ballerinas were killed to make Jessica Biel's dress? - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] How many ballerinas were killed to make Jessica Biel’s dress?
March 4th, 2016 under Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel’s new restaurant Au Fudge was featured in Architectural Digest. For some reason she wore a dress that looks like she stole all the pink tutus from the American Ballet Theater. I don’t know who told her that she looked like beautiful ballerina because she looks more like the black swan who went on a killing spree and is wearing all of her prey’s feathers as a trophy.
That or I know that her dining establishment is kid friendly, but that doesn’t mean she needs to wear a dress made out of cotton candy to get all the children to eat there.


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