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[ # ] Melanie Griffith doesn’t like working with dogs
August 15th, 2007 under Melanie Griffith

(photo from Daily Mail)
National Enquirer is reporting that Melanie Griffith lost her temper with her little co-star on Viva Laughlin.
“In her shrill, childlike voice, she kept shouting ‘shut up’ at the little dog,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.
 “The cast and crew thought the dog was just the sweetest thing, and it was shocking to hear her yell at such a helpless animal.  Melanie went toe-to-paw with paltry Pomeranian, which was wearing a tuxedo for its appearance in “Viva Laughlin.”
The 50-year-old star was dressed in black for a graveyard scene, but the somber atmosphere was shattered by the little dog growling at a horse on the set.  The aggravated actress soon joined the fray.
“At first, Melanie sounded like she was yelling at a person, but the crew soon realized that her persistent ‘shut ups’ were aimed at the dog,” said the insider. 
The insider added that she couldn't be bothered to learn the dog's name. I wonder if she treats all her co-stars like that…2-legged included. Melanie's mother is a big animal supporter in fact she has an animal sanctuary on her property, I would love to see Tippi Hedren's reaction to this story.  
National Enquirer will have this story and a great article about what evidence K-Fed has on Britney and whether or not Halle Berry is pregnant, so buy the mag that comes out on Friday.  


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