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[ # ] This prank is hot, Ghost Pepper hot!!!
October 26th, 2015 under Pranks

The pranking couple from Viral Brothers is back with another prank and this one might be their hottest one yet. Ever since Erik found out that Domisha is pregnant with their baby, he has promised not to prank her until after she gives birth. Only thing is that she never made the same promise.
She has been wanting to get revenge on him for the prank he played on her, when she thought he was cheating. Finally, she came up the perfect revenge.
She asked him to take part in the baby food challenge. She spread out a bunch of jars, blindfolded him and gave him a sample to identify. What he didn’t know, is she gave him a Ghost Pepper to try. So he sat there and chewed and chewed and then he got to the seeds. Once that happened, he saw ghosts. He ran to the kitchen to drink some milk to calm his tongue, but she chopped up a Ghost Pepper and put it in there too. The poor guy (although he deserved it) just couldn’t find any solace until she gave him an unopened box of milk. That helped, but he still was on fire. Just like this prank!
Once again, I openly admit, I am a sadist who was born on April Fool’s Day! So I loved this prank because I thoroughly enjoyed watching him suffer. Not as much as his baby mama, but pretty gosh darn close. I would say don’t try this at home, but I enjoy watching these videos. So I would say, don’t try this at home unless the camera is rolling.



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