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[ # ] The Carmichael Show is like a modern Norman Lear sitcom
August 26th, 2015 under The Carmichael Show

Norman Lear has created some of them best sitcoms to ever grace our televisions, and up until now no one else has created a comedy as brilliant as his. Tonight at 9p on NBC, The Carmichael Show comes very close to that. The Carmichael Show is loosely based on Jerrod Carmichael’s life and his family from North Carolina.
Jerrod recently moved in with his girlfriend Maxine (Amber Stevens West) and he is afraid to tell his overbearing religious mother (Loretta Divine) that they live together. He knows his Democratic mother will never approve of it, and his dad (David Alan Grier) will just go along with whatever his wife says. To give you a hint how tough Cynthia (Devine) is, Jerrod’s brother Bobby (Lil Rel Howery) has yet to tell his parents that he got divorced from his wife Nekeisha (Tiffany Haddish) 3 months ago. Even though Jerrod does not want to tell his parents, Maxine is insistent that they do. Jerrod will do everything in his power to stop Maxine from breaking the news to his mom, even telling her that he is thinking of registering as a Republican. That revelation leads to whole bunch of very funny can of worms being opened up, and several political discussions being had.
Then at 9:30p The Carmichael Show takes on an unarmed African American teen being shot by a cop and protesting and rioting erupts from it. Maxine convinces Cynthia to protest with her and one of them gets arrested after being left behind when the police show up. How will the Carmichael men handle the situation?
What I love so much about The Carmichael Show, is not only the hilarious humor, it is one of the rare political comedies that gives you both sides of the case. Something Lear perfected and inspired this show. It’s like a modern All in the Family, with the women on the show being like the men that were on Lear’s shows.
The Carmichael Show is one of the best comedies of this and next season and I really hope that NBC picks it up for at least another one. It’s the type of show that gets you talking once you are done laughing your butt off! And with how crazy this Presidential election is turning out to be, we need a show like this one.

UPDATE: Jerrod Carmichael Tweeted this touching thank you to all the people who checked out The Carmichael Show tonight.



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