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[ # ] Paris going back to jail for her 45 day sentence
June 8th, 2007 under Paris Hilton

(Photo credit AP Photo/Nick Ut) 
The Judge sentenced Paris Hilton back to jail to serve her 45 day sentence. When Paris heard the news she was shaking and cried hysterically, "It's not right!" and screamed, "Mom!" Paris then had to dragged out of courtroom according to eye witness.
The Judge was way unhappy and she made matters worse by making him wait two hours to come in to court today. The Judge said he heard the arguments and he is remanding her for the rest of sentence. A court spokesperson said the Judge did not know who issued that teleconference.  There is not tension between the Sheriff's office and the Judge. The Judge never approved her to do her time at home. The Judge was mad that she was late and he was upset when he heard over the radio via Harvey Levin and TMZ that she was going to do her court appearance from phone. 
Greta Van Susteren on Fox News said Paris looked ill and looked to be suffering from a medical condition. She said she was shaking and twitching. Greta seems worried for her, but then again Greta befriended OJ so she might not be best person to weigh in her opinion. 
TMZ is saying her lawyers will file an appeal. The Judge might have ruled differently if the sheriff's office let him.
I can't say I am happy she is going back to jail because how can you be, but it is something she needs right now. Hopefully it will change her and she will finally understand what normal people go through. She is not above the law and neither are the likes of Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. They need to realize that and maybe now they are. 
(photo credit from TMZ


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