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May 30th, 2007 under Marilyn Manson

via Celeb Warship
While that video of him taking about Lindsay Lohan is bad, that is not the worst thing that came out about him today.
That piece of scum did an interview with ITV that will air tomorrow and in it he talked about Columbine and how he was blamed for the shooting. NME published excerpts from the interview and here is what that thing said, “I always knew that I never felt guilty or that I did something wrong. I despised people who accused me of doing that. The whole point of my name was to make a statement about the very same thing I was being blamed for. I almost feel cheated if Columbine is talked about and I’m not mentioned because I went through so much bullshit and torment, emotionally and personally, and so much concentrated effort to destroy me that I feel I’m being left out when I’m not mentioned. No one else can take credit for or take responsibility for what I already got blamed for. I don’t wanna take responsibility because I already took it.” Why the f()ck does he think everything is all about him? What a self-centered sick piece of crap. Yes it must suck to be blamed for Columbine, (KMFDM doesn’t whine like him and the boys quoted them) but he brought it on himself with the stuff that he does and says. Hopefully his album will fail and he will go away forever.



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