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[ # ] Maybe it is time to just end Fashion Police?
March 13th, 2015 under E!

Weeks after Kelly Osbourne says she left Fashion Police over Guilana Rancic’s stupid joke, Kathy Griffin quit the show too. The red headed comedian wrote the most self-promoting resignation letter for the press and her fans and claims the show would not let her bring her “brand of humor.”
E! confirmed her departure and said the show would go on even with only half its panel.
I get they tried to keep Joan Rivers’ show alive, but I think it is time to end it. Would anyone really miss it?


  • TwiggyB

    I agree they should let this one go in Joan’s memory. Then they can create a new one that’s fresh. I can’t believe Joan is gone but she is and that show should just go with her.

    They should be able to hire someone to take her place but with fresh eyes.

    I’m sad about this but life goes one . . .


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