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December 3rd, 2014 under Guinness World Records

The Gay family in LaGrangeville, NY have something to be gay about because they once again are the winners of Guinness Book of World Records title for Most Lights on a Residential Property. They were beat out last year by a man in Australia, but since he moved his light display to a mall this year, they were able to take back the title.
They had some help from Ritz Crackers who supplied them with a light display of around 200,000 lights, bringing their total to 601,736 lights. Not only is their house lit up, if you drive by you can hear the music it is synced to on a FM radio station. So at least their neighbors have one less reason to hate them. Another reason why their neighbors have a reason to like them is that they have a donation box at the end of their driveway for people to donate money to local charities. Now if the other residents can get past all of those lights keeping them up all night, all would be OK with The Gays!



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