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[ # ] Jane the Virgin goes through a lot of changes tonight!
November 17th, 2014 under Jane the Virgin

Ever since Jane the Virgin (Gina Rodriguez) got accidentally inseminated, she has gone through a lot of changes. But those are nothing as compared to the ones she will be going through tonight at 9p on The CW.
The good news is that Jane the Virgin got a job as a teacher, the bad news is that it is as a Catholic high school.
The good news is Jane the Virgin’s father (Jaime Camil) has two step daughters with his ex-wife and the bad news is that teenage girls are real bitches who plan on her making her life hell. The news gets worse for Jane because her father transferred the girls to the high school she is teaching out and they are out to get her fired.
If that is not enough, Rafael, the father (Justin Baldoni) of Jane’s baby was arrested for beating up his wife, Petra (Yael Grobglas). Jane’s fiance’ Michael (Brett Dier) didn’t tell her he knew that the woman who is going to raise the baby was having an affair with her husband’s late best friend, Zaz. Did I mention that Zaz makes an appearance on tonight’s episode?
And there is more. It is the most shocking moment on the show so far. But I have said too much, so I won’t say anymore. I will however say, you want to watch this episode because it the best one yet. If you have never seen this show before, you will want to start tonight. They give a recap at the beginning, so you will be all caught up when the action starts. I promise you will love Jane the Virgin as much as everyone who is watching it.



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