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[ # ] David Spade and his Joe Dirt mullet are back!
October 10th, 2014 under David Spade

Crackle announced today that David Spade and Fred Wolf are re-teaming to finally bring us another Joe Dirt movie. Joe Dirt 2 has been 13 years in the making and it will be the first made-for-digital sequel to a major motion picture.
Fans of the cult classic will be happy to know that it picks up where the first one left off. On that note when Spade was asked how he felt about doing it, he said, “I’ve been sleeping in this wig for years and it will be nice to wear it in the daytime again.” So in short, you can part a mullet from a man, but you can’t part a man from his mullet.
You also can’t part fans from Joe Dirt and that is why we are finally getting this much desired follow-up.
Now that we are getting sequels to movies online, which fan favorite should be next?



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