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[ # ] Would Showtime do a Queer as Folk reunion movie?
July 18th, 2014 under Queer As Folk

A few weeks ago, a petition popped up online to bring Queer as Folk back as a reunion movie and today Showtime’s Entertainment President, David Nevins, answered whether or not he would consider doing it at the Showtime TCA Summer Press Day.
The timing is perfect for the reunion because back in May, it became legal for sex-same marriages to happen in Pennsylvania. So that means Ben and Michael could legally get married in the US. Back when the show was on the air, they had to go to Canada to become Mr & Mr.
It would be a great thing to bring back our Pittsburg gang now, after all the advancements that have happened for LGBT rights since QAF ended in 2005. So is this something we could see back on TV in the future? He said, “No one ever pitched it to me.” Then he added, “But if it was a great idea, a compelling reason to do it. It is always possible.” Therefore, the ball is in CowLip’s corner, especially since almost everyone in the cast including Gale Harold, Sharon Gless and Scott Lowell would love to see it become a reality.
Nevins added that he heard that Russell T Davies, the creator of the British version, is working on a show called, Cucumber, for BBC and it’s being described as QAF 20 years later. He says that sounds interesting. Since the American version of QAF was remade from the British version, you never know what could happen?
At this point, all I want is to see Brian, Justin, Ted, Emmett, Ben, Michael, Deb, Melanie, Linz and Hunter together again. Who else is with me on that? If you are then, make sure to sign the petition now now now.
Although, if they wanted to do an updated QAF series, they could base it on Brian and Linz’s son, Gus. They would just have to age him they like age soap opera spawn.



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