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March 24th, 2007 under Randomness

So I was going through my RSS reader and “Eduardo” the Freek posted this video from All That Jazz. Bye Bye Life is one of my favorite musical numbers of all time. There is just something about it that wows me even to this day. I haven’t seen All That Jazz in years and and after watching the clip I can’t help but just click watch again over and over!
If you haven’t seen All That Jazz, rent it today. And after you see it, you will understand why I have been saying that I wish this was the Bob Fosse production that they brought to the big screen again and not Chicago.
So press play and have “Bye Bye Life, Bye Bye Happiness, Hello loneliness, I think he’s going to die, Bye Bye your life good-bye” stuck in your head for days!



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