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[ # ] Sienna Miller has a tranny stalker?
March 17th, 2007 under Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller claims she is being stalked by a transvestite named Peter according to Daily Snack. She is so terrified by her UK stalker that she has hired two security guards to protect her while she in home. A source interviewed by Daily Snack had this to say  "Sienna has been bombarded with bizarre letters from a transvestite and has hired two security men. The poor girl hasn’t been sleeping properly because she has been so scared. And things just got to the point that she just had to take extra care of herself. Peter wears a woman’s wig and seriously high-heeled stilettos, fake fur coats and green dresses. He loves make-up and in his letters to Sienna, which are now blocked from getting through to her, he talks about being obsessed with her look. He is also obsessed with her latest film Factory Girl, the character of Andy Warhol and his relationship with his muse, Sienna’s character Edie Sedgwick. He tries to follow her everywhere." Not only she afraid of Peter she is also scared of the paparazzi, "I’ll go to the house on my own and I know that these eight men outside are aware I’m by myself. I’m a 25-year-old girl and I find that very intimidating. I end up running down the street in the dark with eight grown men sprinting after me." I can understand what the paparazzi sees in her, but what does Peter?

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