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March 7th, 2007 under Randomness

So I was watching one of my favorite shows House, the one with Dave Matthews, and Hugh Laurie plays the piano with him. The first song they play together is I Don’t Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats. I don’t like Bob Geldof, but I do like the song. So I figured I would go online and see if I could find the music video and share it will y’all! And of course they did!!! They also had a live version of the song with Jon Bon Jovi from 1996, and as hot I as I think Jon is, I figured I had to go with the original version on this one! That and to say, wow Bob Geldof used to be hot! And doesn’t Peaches Geldof look just him? Now back to the song, I know it is Wednesday, but pretend it is Monday and you don’t like them! Tell me why?

Now that we got the video out of the way…how amazing was House last night. He is such a sh!t and that is why I love him! Am I the only who totally finds Hugh Laurie just so darn sexy!!! I would so do him in a heartbeat! I mean I had little bursts of tears throughout the whole episode and the writers totally tricked us. So not nice, but it did lead to some great hugging scenes between House and Cuddy, and House and Chase! God I love this show it gets better and better each week! And how great was Dave Matthews as a savant?



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