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February 10th, 2014 under National Geographic

Valentine’s Day is coming up on Friday and tonight at 9:30p on Nat Geo, Brain Games looks into love and attraction.
Brain Games is an interesting show that shows us how our brains can manipulate what we see and hear. Tonight we learn why we see certain people as more attractive than others and how to tell who really is a couple.
The show starts off by asking us to rank 5 people of one sex by attractiveness and then do the same with the opposite sex. Once that is done, you will find out why most people feel the same way as you do. The show also does a test to see what body type we are attracted to and you find out why.
Then we will see 4 couples where only one of them is actually married and the other 3 are actors. We will have to determine which is the real one. After you make your guess, the truth will be revealed and we will find out how to tell if a couple really is one. It is actually really cool what happens to couples the longer they stay together.
On that note, the next test is to figure out which couple is the closest to being on the same wavelength. Will it be the one on a blind date, the newlyweds who have been married for a year or the ones who’ve been married for 25 years. The answer will surprised you.
Just like the rest of the show that really makes you think about all your brain really does and how alike we all are because of that fact.



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