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[ # ] Hollywood Hillbillies take over Hollywood and our TVs tonight!
January 21st, 2014 under Reelz

Hollywood Hillbillies makes its wacky debut on REELZ tonight at 9p and it is funniest show to air on TV since Beverly Hillbillies. But unlike the ’60s sitcom this one is a reality show!
Remember Michael “The Angry Ginger” who became a huge YouTube sensation and was featured on South Park and Tosh.O? Well he got a manager in Hollywood who set him up with a house and reality show as he tries to break it here as an actor and a rapper. Since he is under 21, his outspoken Mema won’t let him travel alone so she comes too and brings along her daughter, Dee Dee, and her boyfriend, John.
These four family members from rural Georgia are nothing like the people in LA and LA is not ready for the likes of them. But somehow they will make it work in their own special way and Hollywood will never be the same.
Hollywood Hillbillies is a show about a family sticking together as they enter uncharted territory. They are a real family, realer than most of the families you see on TV and because of that you are going to love them! If you adore Honey Boo Boo and her family then you are going to love Mema and hers. We can learn something from them! Like always remember to put in your teeth when you are on TV. And you can be best friends with the woman who was also married to your jerky late husband.
So tune in tonight and every Wednesday to watch the Hollywood Hillbillies as they quickly become your favorite family on TV.



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