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December 19th, 2013 under Talk Shows

Two years ago ABC spent a lot money to give Katie Couric a daytime talk show and today they announced that her show will not be back for a third season according to Variety. The overrated newsanchor turned talk show host announced a few weeks ago she was leaving ABC News for Yahoo!, and the writing was on the wall for Katie. Today that writing was confirmed!
Am I surprised her show failed? Nope. Viewers left her CBS Evening News shows in droves, so why ABC thought that we still cared about her was always a mystery to me.
So in short ABC cancelled 2 soap operas for three talk shows and as of today only one them will be on the air in the fall. How is that one soap opera that didn’t get cancelled doing? Better than ever. So ABC, will you finally admit that you made a mistake when you canned All My Children and One Life to Live for The Chew, that other show and Katie? Bring back AMC or OLTL or both!



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