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[ # ] Sacha Baron Cohen pulls a Andy Kaufman
November 11th, 2013 under Sacha Baron Cohen

Back in 1979, Andy Kaufman was performing at Carnegie Hall and he brought out Eleanor Cody Gould, the last surviving member of the dancing cowgirls from the movie The Forest Rangers. Well the brilliant comedian had the elderly actress do the dance she did in the movie, faster and faster, until she died right there on the stage of a heart attack.
Fast forward to this weekend, a comedian that wishes he was as much of a genius as the Taxi star, tried a similar stunt. Sacha Baron Cohen received the Charlie Chaplin Award For Excellence In Comedy at BAFTA LA and they brought only the oldest surviving actress to have worked with the Tramp. While imitating the walk that Chaplin had with his cane, Borat knocked Grace Collington off the stage and appeared to have killed her.
Just like Kaufman, it was just a big hoax and both actresses survived the bit. But unlike Kauffman it wasn’t as good.
So my advice to Cohen, stick to your own schtick.
In case you don’t remember Kaufman’s famous bit, you can watch it below:



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