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July 17th, 2013 under TNT/TBS/TCM

So let’s stay you are at a public place and someone offers you a chance to earn some money, but only if you do what a celebrity guest tells you to do to the person you are with in an ear piece. Well that is the premise of Deal With It that debuts on TBS tonight at 10:30p.
During tonight’s season premiere Howie Mandel asks a guy to do 5 different things; and if he can do it, he will get $5,000. For the first level the money is low, just $250. But as you level up the dollar amount increase until you have the chance to go for the big bucks. If the challenges become too much for you to handle, then you have to scream “I can’t deal with it!” At that point you get to take only the money you earned up until that point. Not a bad way to earn some cash, as you long as you don’t mind some of the really crazy sh!t they make you do on camera and in public.
While it is fun to watch the person do everything that they are told, it is more fun to watch the reaction of the person who is not in on the joke. Personally they deserve the money just as much as the person who was selected to be the contestant.
So tonight’s episode we get to see EP Howie Mandel have a puppet and along with Yvette Nicole Brown, in the coming weeks that task will be given to Adam Corolla, Joan and Melissa Rivers, Josh Gad and Bobby Lee to name a few. And you will have to tune in to watch this funny on-camera prank show or deal with the consequences of not watching!



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