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[ # ] She’s gonna wash those aliens right out of her hair!
July 11th, 2013 under NASA

We have seen how astronauts go to the bathroom in space, and now Expedition 36 Crew Member, Karen Nyberg, shows how they wash their hair up there. Since their hair is basically weightless and they don’t have showers, they have to wash their hair differently than we do it here on Earth. So Nyberg walked us through the process of what she does to keep her locks clean. First she uses warm water from a bag and places it on her scalp so the water will rise up. Then she follows up with rinse-free shampoo in the same manner, but this time she uses a towel to make sure she gets as much dirt out as possible. Finally she rinses out the shampoo with some more warm water from the bag and continues to comb her hair into a pretty cool look as she waits for it to dry. As the water dries, the evaporation of it gets sucked up into the International Space Station’s air conditioning system and then the water processing system will turn into drinking water. Talk about recycling!
Seriously how cool is it to see how they wash their hair up in space? In ways I wish it was as easy to do here as it is to do it there.



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