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[ # ] It’s ladies night on Sullivan & Son and the feeling’s right for Kunal Nayyar!
June 27th, 2013 under TNT/TBS/TCM

Tonight at 10p on TBS, Sullivan & Son decide to try ladies night and they wind up attracting The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar.
Nayyar does a complete 180 from Raj in this role and you are going to love seeing him play the ultimate playa! He will hit on the ladies like only his infamous character wishes he could do when he is drunk. Yeah he is that much of a stud and he will actually land a lady tonight. Who is she? She is the bar’s tom boy Melanie and she transforms for the special night.
But ladies night isn’t only about Nayyar, Hank also meets his soul mate and they have more in common then you would ever guess that they do. Think you know what it is? You won’t, but you will thoroughly love the storyline! It is funny and very touching at the same time. Which is why I love Hank’s character so much.
Yesterday I was on a conference call with Kunal Nayyar and he talked about playing this role. Since he’s playing the King of Pickup Lines; when he was asked what his favorite one was on the show, he said it was “I like to go for the crazy girls. You know, crazy in the head, crazy in the bed.”
Something you would never ever hear him say on The Big Bang Theory, so what is it like for him to play such an opposite role from the one we know him for. He said, “It was liberating. It was a lot of fun, you know, it’s always fun to play characters who don’t have a filter because, you know, in society you have a filter. Everyday you have a filter in your life. We live by these rules that are governed on us, you know, whether it’s family rules or rule of friendship or rules of etiquette or rules of manners.” Then he added, “It’s really fun to play a character who just throws all of the rules out of the book – out of the door and just says what’s on his mind and is sort of liberated and trying to pick up women this way and then completely lies about his ethnicity.” And since he was playing an American on the episode, he couldn’t use his natural accent, so he would have a problem getting some of the words out. In fact when he does an Indian accent on the show, he was told not to use his real accent. And he let us know what that was like for him, “Like, so it was funny. I was playing, like, opposite-opposite of myself.”
Even though this role is not something he has ever done on camera before, it was something he had done in his private life. He shared with us this little tidbit, “I know it’s a silly thing but my friends talked about having a big Ed Hardy party where we would just dress from head to toe in Ed Hardy and skulls and, like, walk around and just pretend to be these type of guys. And so, that’s, like, where it came from. I was like I know how to be this kind of guy because we talked a lot about pretending to be this guy and it was fun, you know.” In fact he told us he might’ve enjoyed doing the role a little bit too much because he said, “It was really fun to just go for it. You know, I didn’t censor myself and I wasn’t self conscious about it. I really, really enjoyed it. Maybe too much. I’m not sure my wife was very happy.” While she might not be happy with it, I promise you will be because he will have you in hysterics. So much so if you have any liquids in your mouth you will be spitting them out just to laugh! So tune in to Sullivan & Son tonight at 10p on TBS!



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