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[ # ] Jay Leno actually walks really well in high heels!
June 21st, 2013 under Jay Leno

Harvey Firestein was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday and in honor of his appearance Jay Leno wore his pair of Kinkny Boots that Cyndi Lauper gave him. Not only did the NBC late night host put them on, he also walked over to greet Firestein in them. At first I was shocked to see him in high heels, but then I was even more shocked by how comfortable he was walking in them. Not many men could walk so easily like that in high heeled boots. So I have to wonder why is he able to do so? Is that something he does quite frequently when he is not on the show? Is it easier to drive one of his many cars in boots like that as compared to sneakers? I want to know?
BTW I loved his Tom Cruise diss, but I don’t think the actor will feel the same way as I did!



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