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[ # ] Have you accepted Sullivan & Son as a must watch comedy yet?
June 20th, 2013 under TNT/TBS/TCM

Have you ever judged a television show by its first appearance; and then after you made your assumptions about it, you decided not to watch it. Well that is kind of what Sullivan & Son is all about tonight at 10p on TBS. When our favorite bar gang since Cheers realize they are all alone on a Saturday night, they decide to make some changes. They have decided they will not be so judgmental about the people they are going out with. So Melanie (Valerie Azlynn) sees a cute guy sitting at a table and she decides to go out with him. He has an annoying habit, but the guys convince her to see past it. Then there is Owen (Owen Benjamin), who says he will go out with the first girl who walks through the door. When a beautiful woman is that person, he wants to turn her down because she is older than him. Again the guys convince him to do it. The two of them really relate to each other, and it might not be a good thing that they do. Finally it is Steve’s (Steve Byrne) turn and he has met his perfect woman. But no one is perfect, so what is her flaw?
The moral of tonight’s show is being picky is a good thing, except when it comes to Sullivan & Son unless you pick to watch the show every week on TBS!
Oh and I highly suggest not drinking anything when you watch this show because you will wind up spitting it out when you are laughing so hard at some of the jokes!



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