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[ # ] Thanks to cloning Wilfred is twice as good tonight!
June 20th, 2013 under FX

Wilfred is back on FX tonight at 10p and 10:30p and it is just as adult arfdorable as ever. In the first episode Wilfred (Jason Gann) remembers where he grew up and he makes Ryan (Elijah Wood) take him there. When they get to his old dog house, the two of them get a big surprise. Wilfred’s old owner loved him so much, she made a clone of him after he ran away. How will Wilfed deal with his cloned self, like I am going to tell you that and not tell you to watch the show.
Once you are done with that episode, it is a time for another one and it will have you dying of laughter. That’s because Wilfred is finally told what death means. Now that he is aware about it, when he comes close to dying he claims he found Gd. Now the raunchiest dog we have ever known, has becomes to most righteous one since Davey and Goliath. How long will Wilfred be Goliath, you will just have to go to the Church of FX to find out. Can I hear a Arfmen?



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