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[ # ] You will love watching Fish Tank Kings on the aquarium tube!
June 1st, 2013 under National Geographic

If you have ever been somewhere and been wowed by a fish tank, then you are going to be floored by Fish Tanks Kings on Nat Geo Wild tonight at 9p. Each week the people from Living Color will convert objects like a rusty VW Bus into a gorgeous colorful aquarium. You will watch them make these aquatic homes from scratch. You will see them tear apart objects to fit in the aquariums and then build them back up to be able to hold one. But what is the point of creating one if you don’t have any fish to put inside of it. We will see them go into the waters near Fort Lauderdale and catch the new residence of these fish condos. And every aquarium needs coral, they make that there too.
If you think watching fish swim in an fish tank is cool, watching that aquarium be made is even cooler. So tune in each week to watch the second season of Fish Tank Kings on Nat Geo Wild!



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