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[ # ] George Lopez says that Jay Leno is the worst interviewer on TV
February 19th, 2007 under George Lopez

COMIC George Lopez got pretty serious Wednesday on Orlando station WOMX 105.1’s "Scott & Erica Show" when he told the radio hosts he wanted to "start a feud" with "Tonight" show host Jay Leno. "Leno is the biggest two-faced dude in TV," said Lopez. Though he was unclear as to why he felt this way, sources said Lopez was offended by Leno’s attitude after the ABC sitcom star had a kidney transplant in 2005. Leno invited him on his show after the surgery – but hasn’t had Lopez back since then. Leno’s producers supposedly told Lopez it was because he wasn’t funny enough the first time. "When I had my transplant, he called me and was the nice guy on the phone," dished Lopez. "And then he just puts the knife in your back . . . It tells you something about Jay Leno if Conan O’Brien is coming into ‘The Tonight Show’ [in 2009] when Jay Leno is still young enough to be the host," catted Lopez. "The dude’s, like, the worst interviewer on TV." A Leno flack had no comment.

Page 6 (story) and ET (photo) 

That is messed up that they said that a man who just went through a kidney transplant was’t funny enough.
In Leno’s defense besides his show, that does ok in the ratings, what else does Lopez have to promote. In George’s defense he is right, Leno is not that good of an interviewer. 



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