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[ # ] Jon Stewart rips CNN for choosing to be first over right!
April 18th, 2013 under Comedy Central

Yesterday CNN rushed to the air saying that their sources told them there was an arrest made in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Well the “Most Trusted Name in News” was wrong and Jon Stewart took the opportunity to rip them a new one because of that on The Daily Show.
While I am not making light of what happened in Boston on Monday, I think all of these news agencies need to go back to the logic of it is better to be right than to be first. Jumping the gun has led to several news organizations to air misinformation and it needs to stop now before something horrible comes out of their mistakes. We turn to you for the facts and your correct reporting, not because you were the first ones on the air with the news. Only you give a sh!t about that, we don’t. We just care about the news and you should try to remember that when you are reporting breaking news.
Now I am going to step down from my Soap Box and say that I laughed so hard at that Jon Stewart’s take on it that I actually cured my headache. They say laughing is the best medicine and they are right. So the next time you have a headache, take two Jon Stewart videos and call me in the morning.

xoxo Ayn!



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