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[ # ] Raising Hope stages the best Jewish musical since Fiddler on the Roof
March 28th, 2013 under Raising Hope

Tonight at 9p on Fox it is the one hour season finale of Raising Hope and you don’t want to miss these two very very funny episodes!
At 9p Burt’s (Garret Dillahunt) parents (Shirley Jones and Lee Majors) come to town for Easter and they have a something to tell him. His mom recently found out they are Jewish and they want Burt to get Bar Mitzvahed ASAP so he can become a man. So now he is a taking a crash course in Judiasm and it is done through song. The big musical numbers are the Deli Song, Silly Shiksa and Rock the Torah. Not since Fiddler on the Roof have the Jews had a musical to enjoy as this much one. Granted there haven’t been any other Jewish musicals since then, but that is not the point. And unlike the older show, this one actually teaches you something about the Jewish people in a Raising Hope sort of way!
Then at 9:30p we actually get to see an older version of Cloris Leachman. How? Maw Maw’s maw is still alive and she is ready to be reunited with her family on Mother’s Day. What will it be like when Maw Maw and Maw Maw Maw see each other for the first time in over 60 years? You will have to tune in to see because I am not going to share what Cloris Leachman looks like at 104, you just have to see it to believe it for yourselves on Fox tonight.
Raising Hope finishes off another hysterical season with two of their best episodes of the show’s run. So whether you’ve been watching since day one or you will be seeing it for the first time, you really don’t want to miss it. Seriously who doesn’t need a good laugh after American Idol and Raising Hope will you give that? Plus they all sing a lot better on the sitcom then they do on that singing competition.



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