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[ # ] HIMYM will return for How we’ll meet the Mother next year!
January 30th, 2013 under How I Met Your Mother

For over a month we have been waiting for CBS to announce that How I Met Your Mother will be back from another season and today they made it official. The whole cast will be back for the sitcom’s ninth and final season. Since it will be the end for the show, everyone promises we will meet the Mother.
Yesterday when I was on a conference call with EP Craig Thomas and Cobie Smulders to talk about this Monday’s (most likely final) episode with Robin Sparkles that airs at 8p, I asked if they know when we will meet the mother. At first the show creator said this week and then quickly admitted that that was a (sick) joke. He then promised, “It will happen before the series ends.” And then he reiterated the point by saying, “It’s going to happen, I swear!” Then he asked Robin for a comment and she said “It’s just not any time really soon.” To which he responded equally as coyly by saying it could be soon or it could be later.
So with the countdown upon us, we know it will happen in the next 30 episodes. Either that or us longtime fans will be calling everyone involved with the show a mother, followed by a second word…
Oh and since we can’t even get them to tell us when it will happen, they are also not telling us who it could be. So if you could cast the Mother, who would you want to star in the role? I say Bob Saget in drag because it is about time his face made an appearance on the show!



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