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[ # ] Dallas stikes oil again in its second season premiere tonight!
January 28th, 2013 under TNT/TBS/TCM

Dallas is back on TNT tonight at 9p with a 2 hour season premiere and it is even better than the first season.
The second season picks up about a month after the first one ended. Rebecca aka Pamela Barnes (Julie Gonzalo) is back from an extended vacation and she is ready for revenge. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elena (Jordana Brewster) are openly dating and John Ross (Josh Henderson) is working along side his two enemies. His mother Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is just days away from the Governor’s election and her ex-husband J.R. Ewing (the late great Larry Hagman) will do anything to get her elected. Meanwhile his sister-in-law, Ann’s (Brenda Strong) daughter has finally been found, but meeting her might cause Sue Ellen the election. And then there is Bobby (Patrick Duffy) who proves he is the best husband and father that anyone can hope for, brother and uncle not so much.
There is so much exciting stuff that happens on tonight’s season premiere that I don’t want to spoil you too much about what is going to happen. What I will tell you is if you are looking for something to heat up your freezing winter nights, then Dallas is the show for you to watch tonight and every Monday at 9p.

Last week I was on a bunch of conference calls with Dallas’ second generation and they previewed what is coming up this season on the show that proves it is good to be bad! And yet they are all so nice even though some of them of play bad.

Josh Henderson aka John Ross Ewing:
Well basically season 2 taped about a month after we last saw the Ewings at the end of season one. So, you know, John Ross kind of went from this very angry vengeful place right after basically letting his mother bring the ring back. And now it’s just like he’s all alone and if anybody gets in his way he’s going to take them down. That was his kind of attitude at the end of season one.
Season two picks up a month later, he has chilled out a little bit and he has a different approach. I think that he still wants to take over Ewing Energies, that’s his goal, but he knows that he can’t just be guns blazing angry all the time.
So he has a different tactic and he has chilled out a little bit and he wants to kind of fly under the radar a little more and but he’s definitely working on a big plan.

Julie Gonzalo aka Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing:
I think that, Rebecca, the character last season was, you know, playing parts. She’s a con artist. I think that she was just trying to make her father proud in many ways. And I think that this year that changes are that is now herself.
She is now her true self. She is Cliff Barnes’ daughter. Her name is Pamela Barnes. She walks into a room and is now who she needs to be. And then it’s there’s a lot of honesty behind the role this year. And I think the thing that’s the beauty of scenes such as the honesty in a role.
And there’s going to be a lot of revelations this season that are going explain why things happened the way they did to – for her and why she did the things she did last season.

Jordana Brewster aka Elena Ramos:
Well what I love that Drew Ramos coming back is. Well first I really like the actor playing him Kuno is really fun to work with. But I love that it brings out a whole different side of Elena.
I mean everyone knows no one pushes your buttons like family. And her older brother actually really pushes her buttons and forces her to be very adversarial because he is a bit of a bad boy and he usually causes trouble and that is how she views him initially. So it is has been really fun to be able to show that side of Elena.

Jeese Metcalfe aka Christopher Ewing:
He definitely starts to consider compromising his ethics. And he certainly ultimately does dance on the dark side a little bit. He’s really forced to in order to compete with everyone around him being so, yeah, manipulative. So yes, you know, you’re definitely going to see a darker side of Christopher come mid season.



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