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[ # ] The Hollywood Sign gets a beautiful new look!
December 5th, 2012 under Old Hollywood

The Hollywood Sign is turning 90 years old next year and to celebrate her birthday the City of LA gave her a much needed a makeover! According to KABC over the last 9 weeks workers scraped off at most 10 coats of paint on the ageing landmark, then they power washed her before applying 100 gallons of primer and paint. How much did this beautification cost? It was less than most celebs pay to make themselves look young. It cost $175,000 and Sherwin-Williams covered $140,000 of that by donating the paint and primer.
Just to understand how much of a job this was, 10 workers would have to go up and down the hill with paint and primer to get to the sign and each letter stand 45′ tall once they started working on her. You better not have a fear of heights when you apply for this job.
I personally want to thank all of the workers who worked tiredlessly on making The Hollywood Sign look as stunning as she did back in 1923 when her full body read Hollywoodland!



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