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[ # ] I went on vacation and all I got was f*cked by a dolphin!
August 29th, 2012 under National Geographic

Barbie went on vacation to Cuba with her boyfriend and a dolphin got more action with her than he did. The trainer told Barbie to let the dolphin kiss her and she did. Well he took it as a sign that it was OK to come out of the water and hump her. She let him do it because what else can you do, and she paid a price for being so generous with him. According to boyfriend not only did the situation stink really bad, so did she. How many showers does one take to wash off the smell of that shame?
It is stories like this one that will make up NatGeo Wild’s An Animal #$*% My Vacation on September 3rd at 10p and I can’t wait to see what else happens to unsuspecting tourists. Watching this video made me completely disappointed because the worst thing that ever happened to me is they airline lost my luggage, and here these people can say things like a bear destroyed my Prius while I roughing it at Lake Tahoe. I need a new travel agent ASAP. Do they still have travel agents?



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