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[ # ] Kyra Sedgwick talks about how crappy NYC used to be
July 19th, 2012 under David Letterman

Kyra Sedgwick was on The Late Show yesterday and she talked to David Letterman about growing up in NYC as a kid. She said when she was a youngster Manhattan had a smell about it, and it was a sh!tty one. Before she was Mrs Bacon, the pooper scooper law wasn’t in effect so Manhattan smelled like dog poo for half of the year. But that wasn’t the only problem, it was stepping in that crap that wasn’t fun either. I have to agree with her stepping in dog poo is not fun at all.
She also said that New Yorkers have gotten more polite as time has gone on because the construction workers no longer whistle at her. I have to agree with The Closer star, I miss the days when they acknowledged you as you walked down the street. Here’s a little secret, we actually like it.



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