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June 13th, 2012 under TNT/TBS/TCM

Dallas has been off the air since 1991, but tonight at 9p it returns to TV on TNT with a reboot that does the original justice. Unlike other shows that have returned to television, this one includes members from the first shows and picks up with their lives in real time.
Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) still owns SouthFork, but he is going through some rough times and he is thinking of selling it. He is divorced from Pamela Sue and he is now married to the love of his life Ann (Brenda Strong). His adopted son Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) is grown up and just like him. Christopher left Dallas to look for an alternate source for fuel besides oil and he has returned home to get married to Rebecca Sutter (Julie Gonzolo). So get ready for the first wedding of the series tonight.
So what about the Ewing brother that you love to hate? JR (Larry Hagman) is in a place you would never expect to see him and he is not the man we knew. His son John Ross (Josh Henderson) is a chip off his dad’s block and he trying to strike oil on SouthFork’s land but Bobby won’t have it. He is dating the cook’s daughter Elena Ramos (Jordana Brewster), but before she was with hims she was with his cousin Christopher. Elena was dumped by the good Ewing son on their wedding via email, and the bad one was there to console her. Sue Ellen is single, successful in business and people want her to take a shot at politics.
The Ewings might not sound that exciting by the way I am describing them, but that is because I am leaving out all of the juicy details for you to salivate over. There are so many shocking twists and turns that you will never see any of them coming, but you will enjoying watching each one play out.
Dallas is as much as about the new characters as it is the old ones, and that blend works brilliantly. It’s like time stood still for twenty years and the wheels are beginning to turn again.
Seriously after watching the first seven episodes, I can honestly say this is the best new show of the season and the season is almost over. The new Dallas is as good as the old one and whether you’ve seen the first one or new one will be your first visit to Dallas, you are going to love to the nighttime soap that changed television forever. I think the TNT version is going to do the same. 90210, Hawaii Five-0 and anyone else working on a remake take notice of this show because it is the first one to do it right.
Oh and for fans of the original the opening is the same. Once I saw that, I knew this show was going to be the sh!t and loyal to the original.



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