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[ # ] The Killers guitarist is afraid of a little lizard
September 8th, 2006 under The Killers

The Killers got a visit from an unwanted guest while filming the video for ‘When You Were Young’ in Tlayacapan outside Mexico City.During the shoot of the western-themed video, Dave Keuning was visited by an lizard in his hotel room."It was in the reptile family, and it moved fast. I was almost asleep and I saw a mark on the wall that I didn’t think was there before, and I just was staring at it for like a minute," the guitarist told The Rock Radio."And then it ran around the room. You know, it just took off. These lizards are quick. And I couldn’t deal with that, so I left and got a room, like, three stories up or something."The band, are set to release their new album ‘Sam’s Town’ on October 4, while ‘When You Were Young’ comes out on September 18.


Maybe they should change their name from The Killers to The Scardy Cats.  



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