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September 9th, 2006 under Steve Irwin

Wildlife television presenter Steve Irwin was buried at his Queensland zoo yesterday in a private funeral attended by family and close friends.Irwin’s family had turned down government offers of a state funeral insisting that they wanted his burial to be a simple, private affair. A close friend said: "The council gave the family permission to bury Steve at the zoo and we think they’re going to erect a monument there so visitors can continue to pay their respects."The family also plan to hold a public memorial service.Terri has not spoken publicly since Irwin’s death on Monday when a stingray’s barb pierced his heart while he was filming on the Great Barrier Reef. But she has spoken to her mother, Julie Raines.Mrs Raines, who lives in Oregon in the United States, said: "Terri is concerned about raising the children by herself."But I know she’ll do well. She’s just having a hard time. Robert says, ‘Where’s Daddy?’"Irwin’s close friend and producer, John Stainton, told CNN’s Larry King: "Terri is putting on a brave face for the kids’ sake."He also revealed that the TV crew who filmed Irwin’s death had returned to the Great Barrier Reef to complete Ocean’s Deadliest, the documentary he had been making.Mr Stainton said: "It was very difficult to go out there. But I knew Steve would have wanted that."

Daily Mail 

My prayers are with Terri and his children. Sounds like we will see his death if they are completing the documentary.



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