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[ # ] Dallas is the best new show of the season!!!
April 27th, 2012 under TNT/TBS/TCM

On June 13th, Dallas will make its debut on TNT and I think the drama is the best the show of the season. Now I know I have said that before about other shows this season that started to lose their momentum after the pilot screeners that us critics reviewed. But unlike those other shows, I have seen seven episodes of Dallas and I can tell you it gets better and juicier with each episode.
Unlike 90210 and Knight Rider, Dallas includes the original cast and uses them the way they should be utilized in the sequel. Seriously JR is just as bad as he was when he was shot and that is a very good thing. But the show isn’t only about JR and Bobby Ewing, it is about the next generation of Ewings and they are just like their fathers. Also like the original Dallas, this nighttime Soap is very easy on the eyes.
Even though it has been 30 years since the original Dallas aired, the story is the same. Family rivalries, oil, love, money and did I mention oil. It is everything you can hope for from a show that is resurrected on television and more. So make sure to set you DVRs to record Dallas on June 13th because you don’t miss a single second of the best new show of the season. Seriously it is the first time a sequel is as good as the original.



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