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[ # ] Jay Leno disses NBC
February 1st, 2012 under Talk Shows

(starts at 1:45 in)

Yesterday Mark Harmon was on The Tonight Show and Jay Leno asked him if he ever took an acting job just for the money. The NCIS star admitted that he did and it was to appear on Battle of the Network stars back when he was on NBC show called St Elsewhere. After they showed a clip of Harmon destroying his competition in a swimming challenge, the NBC late night host said “That shows you how long ago that was, that’s when we had stars on NBC. It’s amazing.” Ouch. That’s not true, NBC has stars. There is Courteney Cox, oh wait she is on ABC. They have Ted Danson, not that is every other network but NBC. They have David Letterman, nope that is CBS. They have Whitney Cummings, sadly she is on NBC. Maybe he is right?
BTW I really wish the networks would bring back Battle of the Network stars. Although I am sure The CW would kick all the other network’s a$$es.



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