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[ # ] Kathy Griffin just can’t keep her clothes on
January 19th, 2012 under David Letterman, Kathy Griffin

It looks like Kathy Griffin’s New Year’s Resolution is to take her clothes off on TV as many times as possible. She started off 2012 in her underwear on CNN’s coverage of the ball dropping. Then tonight when David Letterman asked her about it, she decided to do the same on The Late Show. It’s only January, what is she going to be like by March?
Seriously she needs to keep her clothes. She is 51 and way too old to be doing that. I am sure even though the CBS host acted like he liked, I bet he was missing the day when a much much younger Drew Barrymore flashed him on his show. Just to make you guys feel a little better after seeing Griffin’s latest act of desperation, I included that clip for you to enjoy.

UPDATE: I just posted the updated video and she was actually not wearing panties on the show. Why was eating when I watched the extended the video because it all just came up. It is so sad how desperate she is for attention. She should go back to just doing standup, so this way I won’t have to listen to her annoying voice on television and see her take her clothes off again.



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