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[ # ] Learn a few pranks from Impractical Jokers tonight?
December 15th, 2011 under Primetime TV

Tonight at 10p on TruTV you will learn why having friends is a not always a good thing on Impractical Jokers. Four friends torture each other by doing different pranks on each other. They will have a few tasks each show where they will do whatever they are told in ears to do. For example they will work in White Castle and say the different things they are told to to the customers and ot everything is nice. If they get a tip, they get points. If they get none, then they get no points.
By the end of the show the loser of the tasks will do whatever he is told to do and it will something he will totally hate. Like today when a germaphobe is forced to pick up dog poop with his bare hands. It ends exactly like you think it will!
If you are like me and love to torment your friends, then you are going to love this show tonight and every Thursday on TruTV at 10p! So enjoy and be grateful they are not your friends!



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