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[ # ] Claudia Schiffer thinks today’s models are too thin
October 20th, 2006 under Thin Models Bad

Claudia Schiffer says that models have become too skinny to be attractive, the Associated Press reports. "It doesn’t really look good any more," the 36-year-old says in an interview with Germany’s Bunte magazine. "Fashion looks good on thin models, but when you look at today’s models you can not help but think there is something wrong. They are way too thin. It is only bones that stick out." "Models have always been thin. But today, they are even thinner, which is unbelievable," said Schiffer, who has been on the cover of more than 550 magazines during her career. Schiffer said she was on the heavy side when she began modeling in 1988. "I was one of the fattest when I started," said Schiffer, who according to a German magazine website "Modellkartei" nevertheless has a BMI of just under 18. The Web site lists Schiffer as 5’11” and weighing 128 pounds. "Ever since I started having children, I can eat whatever I want. I eat chocolate almost every day and drink whole milk so that I don’t lose any more (weight)," said Schiffer, who has a daughter, Clementine, who turns 2 in November, and a son Caspar, 3, with her husband Matthew Vaughn. "When media started writing that I looked too thin and ill, I went to the doctor. He said I was healthy," she said. "I didn’t gain weight after the pregnancies. I hope it stays like that."

Us Magazine 

Hopefully as more models and fashion designers say that models are too thin, the better the chance the too thin trend will end.



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