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[ # ] Christopher Atkins returns to The Blue Lagoon with Scott Baio!
August 20th, 2010 under Scott Baio

Sorry Scott Baio and Christopher Atkins did not really return to The Blue Lagoon, but instead the two 49 year olds went fishing together even though as Baio put it on Twitter, “We didn’t catch any fish this trip. Maybe next time.”. Both men look really awesome topless even though they are about to hit the half century mark. Chris could get right back into the loin cloth he wore as Richard Lestrange 30 years ago and Scott is looking just like he did when he played Chachi Arcola. On that note I wonder if The Fonz taught his little cousin to wake board like that? You know like in the famous Jump the Shark episode on Happy Days.
BTW Chistopher Atkins will be attending Scott Baio’s 50th Birthday Party/charity event for Bailey Baio Angel Foundation (the nonprofit he started with his wife Renee’) on September 26th at the Beverly Garland Hotel. Check out BBAF for tickets to the event so you can party with the two men and many other celebrities.



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