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[ # ] Rosie O’Donnell wants back on TV
March 20th, 2010 under Rosie O'Donnell

(photo from WireImage)

Rosie O’Donnell is plotting a TV comeback and she wants to replace Oprah Winfrey who is leaving her show in 2011. According to Showbiz411 the show won’t be like her old one or The View, but “it’s going to be big: Broadway performances, all her friends, and lots of laughs.” Considering her Variety show failed big time and it is not 2002, I don’t think her show will be the next Oprah. If America’s sweethearts Marie Osmond and Valerie Bertinelli couldn’t get their shows on the air, why does she think her’s will be a go? Maybe she should try to do Dancing with the Stars or Jenny Craig like Marie and Valerie and then she might have a fighting chance? Would you watch her show if she got one?



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