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[ # ] Is the Footloose remake in trouble?!?
October 25th, 2009 under Stupid Sequels/Remakes

High School Musical and This Is It’s Kenny Ortega has quit as the director of the Footlloose remake. According to Variety, “Insiders said Ortega wanted to make a picture with elaborately staged musical numbers at a budget of $30 million or so. Par production chief Adam Goodman wanted an edgier drama with less emphasis on the musical numbers and a budget around $25 million or less.” If Paramount is seriously thinking of remaking the movie without musical numbers, I say just kill the project now. Well that and it also stars Chace Crawford and Julianne Hough. It is not like I don’t like them, but they are just not right for the movie that Paramount thinks they want to make because they just bring the element of cheese. Julianne is like the cutest and sweetest thing ever, how is she going to play edgy in her first big role?
This is not the first set back for the movie, Zac Efron like his HSM director also quit the film siting that he wanted to take on different type of roles. Just like they replaced Zac with hiss look-alike Chace, Paramount is actively looking for a new director and hopes to keep the start of production on schedule in March. I wonder how Chace is going to do both Footloose and Gosspi Girl, and I guess that means two-time chamo Julianne Hough will not be returning to Dancing with the Stars anytime soon.
Am I the only hoping that this film doesn’t get made? As we learned with Fame some things are better left the way that are.



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