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August 27th, 2009 under The Final Destination

Tonight was the premiere of Warner Bros’ The Final Destination in Westwood and I was there on the black carpet to talk to the stars before they went in to see the movie that is out tomorrow, August 28th!!! I also saw the movie in 3-D and I think they saved the best for last…if it truly is the last one???
Below are the pictures from the star studded night and starting tomorrow I will post the interviews from the black carpet.

Craig Perry is the man! He is the producer that brought the Final Destination franchise to the big screen and he is my hero. Final Destination is my favorite horror franchise of the new millennium, so it was so cool to talk to him about the movies and find out if there is the slightest chance if we will get a fifth one???

Nick Zano was the last guy I spoke to before I went into the premiere, but will he be the last the one standing in the movie? He also told me what is up for him next.

Bobby Compo told me what it was like to be the character who gets the deadly premonition that saves some people, but only for a short time. Sadly I forgot to ask him about Greek, but we can watch him when the popular ABC Family show is back on Monday at 9p.

Shantel VanSanten plays the girlfriend of Compo and she told me about that and what we can expect from her on One Tree Hill!

The Final Destination was a family affair for Krista Allen, both her son and her are in it. Which one of them if any of them will survive to the credits? She also is making a career change for a little while wait until you hear what it is.

Jackson Walker plays The Cowboy in the movie and he isn’t just playing one in the big screen he is one in real life. Wait until you see the tattoo he showed me to prove that he really is a cowboy!!!

Robert Buckley came out to support his One Tree Hill co-star, Shantel VanSanten and he gave me a preview of what we can expect of him from the show. And yes I asked him if he will keep his shirt on for this show.

Asher Book is starring in Fame, but before he walks that red carpet for that movie he walked this one and told me he is an alumni of the real school.

Chris Divecchio is starring in the movie Dark Moon Rising and he plays a Werewolf and he told me what we can expect from the first of the three movies in the series.

Now back to The Final Destination, I can’t wait for this movie to come out on DVD just so I can watch the death scenes over and over again because just like all the other Final Destinations they are all so awesome as they are slowly played out never knowing how they are going to happen. And this one because it was done on 3-D has so many more cool special effects added to them! So run out and see this movie in the theaters because this really is one of those movies that has to be seen on the big screen first!!!



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