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[ # ] Wham! Bam! George Michael arrested again after a car crash?
August 15th, 2009 under George Michael

George Michael just got his driver’s license back after a 2 year suspension and what does he does? He gets into another car accident and according to The Sun he was arrested afterwards for suspicion of being under the influence, but he was released and not charged. Here is what the guy who George Michael reportedly hit told The Sun.

Shocked George climbed out of the wreck and tried to beg a lift in Lawrie’s cab.
Lawrie of Middlesbrough, said: “I was driving at 45mph in the inside lane when I saw a car come speeding up behind me, its lights on full beam.
“It must have been doing about 100mph and was weaving all over the place as if it was overtaking and undertaking. It smashed into the back of my cab and I felt a hell of a thump.
“His car went spinning across the outside lane and into the central barrier before bouncing back into my cab. He then hit the barrier again.”
“There was no movement from his car for what seemed like ten minutes. I was really shaken and thought someone had died.
“The Range Rover’s bonnet was sticking up, the front panels were missing and all the windows were shattered.
“There were big scrape marks along the full length of the vehicle. It was blocking the road.
“Eventually the guy got out of his car. He came over to my cab and asked if I had stopped to give him a lift. I was stunned.
“He was absolutely not with it, so I told him no. But he insisted and came around the other side of the truck and tried to get in the passenger door.
“When it finally dawned on him that I wouldn’t give in, he walked off down the verge.

George Michael tested negative for drugs and that was released.
Is it wrong for me to make a joke and say about time George Michael had another hit since his last albums haven’t done that well?



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